1. The Never Seen On Wax Jams vol 1 (Vinyl Only)

  2. Project X
    Project X

  3. 6th
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  4. You Find That I Got It / Mjuvi
    Kaidi Tatham

  5. Too Much

  6. Twelve Steps & Just Give It A Long Shot

  7. Spin,Don't Know Why & You Know The Feeling
    Blacks & Blues

  8. Reach
    Marvin Jupiter

  9. In My Life
    Kaidi Tatham

  10. The One Way To The Other
    Lord & dego

  11. Sunday Avuncular/Bauxite,Gypsum & Limestone/Mononymous Persons

  12. The Way It Should Be, Spiritual Reconnaissance
    dego & the 2000Black Family

  13. Green Woods, Can't Remember But I Know, What Does It Take To Come In First
    Lordamercy & d e g o

  14. Simmering & The Long Climb In The Sun
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  15. Two Way Here One Way Go, No Facetime (errors), BBQ
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  16. The Extrovert City
    Kaidi Tatham

  17. Cascade,The Inside Is The Outside,The Believer
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  18. Don't Stop (let it go) feat Izzi Dunn
    dego & the 2000black family

  19. Off The Christmas Card List, Hurry Whilst They Are Away, Fila Heights
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  20. Make It Hard

  21. The More Things Stay The Same

  22. Cannes/Where Was I/Who Loves You
    Sonar's Ghost

  23. New Guitar New Mars

  24. Fresh Fromage/Some ting

  25. Let It Be/That Feeling
    Darkest Pumpkin

  26. Find A Way/The Hurt
    dego & the 2000black family

  27. Shokazulu

  28. Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks
    Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks

  29. Pie/OO

  30. A Wha' Him Deh Pon?

  31. Part 4/Dis Yah One I Love

  32. two
    Silhouette Brown

  33. A Next Set A Rockers

  34. Silhoutte Brown
    Silhouette Brown

  35. Pavel Kostiuk & the Musicals
    Pavel Kostiuk


2000BLACK London, UK

Genre-defying music from the African diaspora

Learning from the past and looking towards the future, the 2000BLACK collective, named after a 1975 Roy Ayers’ recording, was established in 1998 by Dego.
Producing and performing any genre of music rooted in funk, soul, jazz, hip hop and pushing its boundaries to form contemporary innovations.
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